My background.

I’m a bibliophile from the Scottish Borders, though I’ve led a relatively itinerant life, having lived and worked in Newcastle, Washington, DC, and Leipzig. I now call Edinburgh home. I’ve been tutoring, teaching and proofreading for the best part of a decade. Beyond education, I’ve worked in broadcasting, print journalism and even shepherding.

My experience.

Beyond my support for other learners, I’m writing a PhD in English literature at the University of Edinburgh. I have a Masters degree in English – with a GPA of 3.83 – from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. I also have a First Class Honours degree in English Literature from Newcastle University. I’m currently working towards a Fellowship with the Higher Education Academy.

I’ve taught and tutored at top universities in the UK, Europe and the USA. Ich kann Deutsch and parlo un po di italiano.


My services.

I’ve helped learners of all ages and backgrounds, and I work across disciplines. Whether you’re at school or university, in the arts or business, or up to something else entirely, I can help.

If you’d like to arrange tutoring or proofreading, or learn more about what I can offer, visit my Tutoring and Proofreading pages, or email me: